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What Is a Giclée Print?

Giclée is a French term meaning “to spray,” referring to the inkjet printer's process of reproducing fine art or photography to create individual copies of the original piece. These large format inkjet printers use small spraying devices that match the color and apply ink more precisely, giving artists a high-quality print of their original art. Giclée prints are more expensive due to the cost of the materials used in the printing process. These prints use high-quality, archival-grade inks and papers to produce images that will last decades without fading or yellowing.


Why Do Artists Produce Fine Art Giclée Prints?

Reproductions of original art pieces offer more art enthusiasts to invite the work into their homes at a lower price. By producing giclée prints, an artist allows more people to enjoy and purchase their art without sacrificing the quality of their work. 

Here is an example of a giclée print on canvas that I had printed. The original painting, "New Bedford Harbor,” was 18 x 24. This print is on canvas, a gallery wrap, and 16 x 20. You can frame it, but it is unnecessary as it is a gallery wrap, meaning the canvas goes around the edges and is dark blue. The thickness of the edge of the giclee is 1 1/2”.

If you are interested in having a print of one of my paintings, please contact me!

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