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Commission Work

From Artist Ken Richards: 

"I love doing commission work because it is a group or team effort. I get to know the people who are commissioning me, and we work together to come up with a painting that is very personal and meaningful. Often I am pleasantly surprised by the insights that people have into what they need from a painting. It is always a welcome challenge and also very gratifying."

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Commissioned Paintings: 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Commissions Cost More Than In-Stock Paintings?
No, they do not. Price is determined by size and complexity. You must put half of the agreed-upon price down before I start.

Will I Be Able to OK the Preliminary Drawings?
Absolutely. You will be given a progress report every couple of days. At any time, you can suggest changes.

Can I Have a Commission Done by a Certain Date?
We will determine the due date at the start of the painting. There may be time constraints determined by complexity and size. If you give me enough time, I can and will finish the painting when you need it. 

Can I Choose the Colors?
When planning the commission, we will discuss everything from composition to color and you will approve all of these aspects of the painting before I start. This is a team effort. You can be as involved or not involved as you care to be.


“We have been a fan of Ken’s artist talent for a very long time!  He’s very personable and professional! We’ve commissioned him  for two paintings, a black and white of myself and Rottie, also one of our Grandson for a Christmas gift.   Ken is very easy to work with sending along a rough sketch, for our approval, although totally unnecessary, he completely captures the essence of his subjects in the paintings. Just amazing!!“

— Deb and Alan, "Grandson"


“Holly and I commissioned Ken to paint for our home, the view from Bayside overlooking Allen’s Pond. Ken went with us to the spot, created numerous drawings, and his finished acrylic is magnificent. It is proudly displayed in our living room for all to enjoy. Ken is a master artist and musician  and a fine lad to work with.”

— Dana and Holly, "Looking East from Horseneck Road I" and "Part II"


“Ken Richards was an absolute pleasure to work with on our commissioned painting.  He listened to what we wanted, got back with sketches to make sure he had it right, took photos to work from then appraised us of the progress as he went along.  The result was wonderful.  Ken is a very talented artist whom we highly recommend.”

— Mike and Jenn, "A Walk in the Rain"


"There are many things I love about Westport, Massachusetts. Its beauty and character are things of a storybook. The story is what I wish to focus on here. I am a Westport native. Though I lived other places, I returned home. Home to Westport. Home to her farms, home to her fishing, home to her sunsets......home. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what of a painting? A painting created through true understanding of the soul. Worth simply a thousand words, I think not.

Ken Richards took the time to understand, to feel and to embrace the soul of this community and her beauty. Ken asked questions and listened to my story of how the farms, sunsets and river pulled me home. He listened to how, with a bit of luck and determination, we also managed to purchase this little piece of sunset on the river. When not working with the earth, when needing to relax, to find our soul....it’s the river where we can be found. Taking in her sunsets and hopefully a decent catch for supper. Ken saw this, Ken felt Westport. He first listened and then sought it out for himself. He, many times at different times of day, in different New England weather, traveled to the location to, “take it all in.” That he did, and did so in a manner that deserves thanks.

Thank you Ken Richards. Thank you for the time, the process, the care and soul that you put into this project. Thank you for listening. Thank you to the man who told you to take that sketchbook, to “take the time to look.” Ken you do much more than just look, you understand. For that, we thank you.

Ken Richards has painted this little piece of sunset for us. It’s not just paint on a canvas. It’s a story. One to be passed on to my children and on to theirs. So worth a thousand words..... no..... its worth so much more.
Thank you Ken."

— Tom V., "Homestead in Westport"