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About the Artist

Ken Richards is a self-taught artist and professional musician who has been painting professionally since 1992 and playing since his teens.  He now lives in Mykonos, Greece and New Bedford, Massachusetts with his wife, musician Donna Harris-Richards.


His Greek landscapes are what first called attention to his artwork.  Private showings in Athens, Paris, London, New York, Charleston and Los Angeles resulted in an international reputation for colorful, lively and bold paintings, all acrylic on canvas or linen. His landscapes of the Southeastern Massachusetts area have also been enthusiastically received. His paintings are in private collections all over the world including Europe, North America, Australia and South Africa.

Richards' paintings were featured in Dan’s Papers, the largest weekly in the Hamptons.  Ken has participated in several articles about the artists of Mykonos and Greece in the Athens-based Confidential Magazine.  Ken was also recently featured in a weekly blog by author Jeffrey Siger (Murder in Mykonos, Assassins of Athens) about artists in Mykonos.

His travels to the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania, Alexandria and Giza in Egypt, the Royal palace in Rabat and Marrakech in Morocco, and the island of Crete have yielded some of his most interesting studies in light.  He has also found Paris and Venice rich sources of inspiration.

“Everywhere I travel the light is different and exciting.”

Light draws the eye but I find much of the magic happens in the shadows—both are needed.

"I want to share my love and passion for the places I’ve lived and traveled. Painting has been my response."

“I am trying for a spontaneous ‘seizing’ of the information before me and translating this into a particular picture making vocabulary with Nature as the teacher.”

Ken is now taking commissions.

His artwork can be seen by appointment at Ken’s studio 261 Union St., Room 205, New Bedford MA

Telephone: 508 496 7980    FACEBOOK